Founded in 2017, Komptex takes pride in representing our strong company culture. Since then till now, we have been creating hundreds of websites and applications catering to a wide range of interests and industries from different parts of the world. Continuing the same process, we have gained deep expertise. We are able to build a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end enterprise technology solutions. We work with our clients to build robust and award-winning web along with innovative social media solutions.On every digital project we’ve worked on, we’re proud of the difference we’ve made. All over the world people are using the apps, software applications and digital infrastructure we helped to deliver. It could be to access news faster, order food, mobilize people to fight against corruption or to analyze data to make better decisions.For more than 3 years we’ve been helping to deliver digital transformation across media, hospitality, retail and government sectors, making a difference to people’s lives and ensuring a return on investment for our clients. During this time the landscape for technology has continually evolved, and we’ve stayed ahead of the curve, bringing innovative thinking and well-defined processes. In an ever-changing world, as client expectations shift and the pressure to adapt to emerging technologies ever higher, we’ll keep finding new ways to make a difference.

Yes, why not? We love to work with startups and entrepreneurs. We can create website or mobile apps for your business, write necessary content to draw visitors (coming soon), and develop software and backends to provide services to your customers.

We accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer for our services. For most projects, we request a 20-40% down payment to start the work. The rest payable amount can be paid in installments till the project completion as agreed between us.


A down payment ensures that from the beginning, we and you have the same level of commitment to the project. It lessens the ultimate risk either party takes, and overall it’s fair for both parties. Without a down payment, we’ve to take cent percent risk in the project. Also, after the down payment is done, we can schedule and allocate the necessary resources for your project.

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